Visual Information Specialist II (XR)

at Emory Center for Digital Scholarship (Emory University) (view profile)
Published January 23, 2023
Location 540 Asbury Circle, Atlanta, Georgia
Category Academic  
Job Type Full-time  
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Cover Letter Requirements Required
Education Requirements master's degree in art history, architecture, digital media, visual communication, computer science or related field
Minimum Compensation in Local Currency $73,300
Hourly or Salary? Salary



  • Reporting to the Co-Director of the Emory Center for Digital Scholarship (ECDS), the person that holds this position creates, modifies, and configures 3D models using a variety of computer modeling, simulation software, and geospatial data.
  • In consultation with faculty and ECDS staff, prepares aesthetically composed digital media through graphic design, image processing, and data visualization for use in ECDS-supported digital scholarship projects.
  • Researches and explores new methods of visualizing data, including various aspects of virtual and augmented reality.
  • Creates, delivers, and manages training programs, workshops, and classes for students on digital scholarship tools and methodologies related to visualizing data.
  • Develops assessment criteria to measure the success of these efforts, making modifications as appropriate to ensure desired impact.
  • Works with multiple constituencies (libraries, academic and administrative units) to promote and advance various learning and professional development initiatives.
  • Partners with others across the University to promote sustainable, outcome-oriented, open source processes and practices in the application of data visualization as part of scholarship.
  • Performs other related duties as required.
  • The ECDS Visual Information Specialist uses XR (VR - Virtual, AR - Augmented, MR - Mixed) tools and methods to create virtual environments and augmented reality and will provide expertise in game-based learning with duties including:
  • Consulting with academic researchers and instructors to determine project scope and approach
  • Creating innovative and sustainable scholarly virtual environments and online gaming environments
  • Meeting regularly with stakeholders to discuss progress and incorporate their feedback
  • Working with diverse members of project teams
  • Engaging with wider Emory community on digital scholarship practices involving XR
  • Maintaining knowledge of current XR development tools and methods
  • Mentoring graduate students in using XR tools as part of scholarship
  • Instructing undergraduate students in the use of XR tools and methods
  • Coordinating with ECDS Systems Lead on sustainability of XR environments
  • Attending conferences and other events to share projects and practices
  • Engaging with ECDS’ management team about XR research and applications
  • Advanced skill in using Unity
  • Skill with Unreal Engine, ARCore, 3D Studio Max, and gaming deployment platforms
  • Understanding of XR environments/applications in higher education environments
  • Ability to program using C#, C++, JavaScript, Python, etc.
  • Ability to create AR applications
  • Familiarity with sustainable digital project practices (Open Source)
  • Ability to scope digital projects and successfully manage the lifecycle (Agile)
  • Demonstrated ability to teach and train students on computer applications
  • Willingness to learn and apply emerging technologies and platforms


  • A master's degree in art history, architecture, digital media, visual communication, computer science or related field, and three years of related work experience.
  • Knowledge of geospatial and 3D modeling technology, computer hardware and software applications.
  • Knowledge of computer programming methods, scripting techniques to make maximum use of SDK and API capabilities, and an understanding the structure of and transactions with relational databases.
  • Experience with Unity, Django, Python, C#, PHP, and Javascript is preferred.
  • PhD degree is preferred.

NOTE: Position tasks are generally required to be performed in-person at an Emory University location.  Remote work from home day options may be granted at department discretion. Emory reserves the right to change remote work status with notice to employee.