Senior Librarian

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Location Washington, DC
Date Posted September 19, 2018
Category Public or Governmental
Job Type Full-time
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Twitter Handle @nehgov


The NEH library holds reference collections (both digital and physical) for the use of NEH staff. It also provides interlibrary loan and other library functions, primarily to NEH staff members. The library also has an Institutional Repository (IR) [DSpace Direct] that is used to hold digitized archival materials created by NEH staff. This IR has both public and agency-facing interfaces.

  • Organizes, oversees, preserves and provides access to the depository collection of selected NEH-funded grant products, and NEH publications and documents of enduring value.
  • Planning the program of the library and integrating it into the operations of the agency.
  • Developing and implementing policies for the library's operations, including circulation policies, ingest policies, and others as needed.
  • Provides direct supervision of the library staff and oversight of other collections located within other NEH divisions.
  • Serves as the NEH's Federal Agency Records Officer, taking general direction from the agency's Senior Agency Official for Records (SAOR).

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