Information Technology Specialist (Systems Analysis)

at Library of Congress (view profile)
Published July 1, 2022
Location Washington, DC, United States of America
Category Public or Governmental  
Job Type Full-time  
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Minimum Compensation in Local Currency $126,233
Maximum Compensation in Local Currency $164,102
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Pay Grade GS-14
Twitter Handle @librarycongress


Serves as a lead technical authority for applying analytical IT and product management processes to the planning, design and implementation of enterprise Library systems. Works to implement enterprise-scale Library platforms, including complex integrations, workflows, and data management capabilities. Provides analysis and implementation support for integrated library systems supporting cataloging, electronic resources, acquisitions, inter-library loan, finding aids, and patron access.

Provides expert analysis and advice on enterprise Library management systems, supporting cataloging, access, metadata, workflows, acquisition, and other core Library functions. Collects information from Library stakeholder sources, from both business and IT perspectives. Makes authoritative recommendations.

Exercises judgment and ingenuity in advocating improvements to enterprise Library and content management systems, including complex integrations. Participates in the development of technical operating plans. Assists in planning, directing and coordinating the implementation of approved policies, programs, and services related to IT systems supporting enterprise Library functions. Evaluates operations to appraise the effectiveness of policies and programs. Identifies deficiencies and takes/recommends appropriate action.

Coordinates the preparation of testing and implementation plans for the implementation of enterprise Library systems and integrations with library platforms. Prepares technical integration specifications for implementation by IT staff supporting Library systems. Works with stakeholders and QA staff to develop test plans and scripts. Oversees the migration of systems to the production environment and monitors systems for stability, accuracy, and performance. Meets with engineers and specialists to coordinate work and resolve problems. Meets with vendor technical representatives to resolve technical issues, and to implement and coordinate new software releases and Library platform integrations. Evaluates test results, and initiates corrective actions. Coordinates procedures to periodically monitor the logical/physical integrity of data and data storage utilization. Reviews proposed policy, regulations, and procedural changes to determine their impact.

Coordinates the common use of core software across multiple Library platforms and troubleshooting procedures for related applications. Prepares strategies for recovery in the event of library platform systems failure. Develops recovery methodology for the systems in coordination with the overall Library of Congress disaster recovery plan. Coordinates systems modifications to aid in recovery, which includes determining the cause of failure, preventing future problems, fixing software, and restoring operation.

Performs feasibility studies, research, and prototyping in order to develop Library information systems that meet customer requirements. Evaluates new systems design methodologies in terms of meeting Library of Congress systems design requirements and recommending the adoption of the most promising new methodologies. Suggests technical approaches and demonstrates viability through the development of working prototypes. Acts as an expert on IT projects, advising top management on major product and/or service issues. Leads, conducts, or participates in complex management studies and reviews, particularly those with wide or significant effect on Library-wide or department-wide IT products and services.

Advises management of feasibility, risk, cost and dependencies of proposed projects. Identifies and collects necessary data including IT trends, legislative and program data and interviews with senior management, program officials, employees and supervisors; assembles and assesses information gathered. Prepares project plans for approved projects with appropriate level of detail, such as work breakdown structures, resource allocations and project milestones. Formulates findings, conclusions, and recommendations; presents result in written and/or oral form, which are well-organized, supportable and clearly expressed.

Demonstrates an in-depth knowledge of the Library of Congress's IT environment including; IT operating model, infrastructure components, and the evolving Library of Congress IT architecture framework. Demonstrates mastery of advanced concepts, principles, and practices of computer science in the investigation and delivery of expert advice to management regarding enterprise Library platforms and content management systems.

This position is located in the Product Management Team, IT Design and Development Directorate, Office of the Chief Information Officer.