Data Curation & Visualization Librarian

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Published September 1, 2023
Location Coral Gables, Florida
Category Academic  
Job Type Full-time  
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Education Requirements Master’s degree in library or information science from an ALA-accredited program or relevant advanced degree
Minimum Compensation in Local Currency 60,000
Hourly or Salary? Salary


Data Curation & Visualization Librarian

University of Miami Libraries

The University of Miami Libraries seeks nominations and applications for a collaborative, innovative, service-oriented professional to serve as Data Curation & Visualization Librarian.  The Data Curation & Visualization Librarian, reporting to the Director of Research Data & Open Scholarship, within the Data & Visualization Services unit, is responsible for data-oriented pedagogical and support services for students, faculty and staff across all three UM campuses. The first component, data-oriented support services, will focus on providing expertise on research data management, data curation, data literacy, and data publishing. The second component is teaching, including workshops, course support, and small group/one-on-one instruction for a range of disciplines across the natural sciences, social sciences, and the humanities, with particular emphasis on data visualizations (e.g., data dashboards, GIS visualizations, StoryMaps, and static images for print journals).

To meet these broad responsibilities, the Data Curation & Visualization Librarian has three principle focus areas: to provide data visualization instruction (both consultation and workshops), to support data curation and research data management (including collaboratively updating content on the departmental website, working within Scholarship@Miami, the UM institutional repository and research information hub, and supporting broader unit goals of enhancing student outcomes in learning research software and computer programming languages (e.g., teaching R and Python, showcasing student and faculty work).

This is a fundamentally collaborative position that requires working closely with members of the Data & Visualization Services unit. The Data Curation & Visualization Librarian will also work with a variety of library and campus partners, including members of the Richter Library Learning & Research Services, the STEM & Interdisciplinary Research Librarian, the Data Scientist, the Institute for Data Science & Computing (IDSC), the Graduate School, and affiliates of the Learning Commons.


Estimated percentages for responsibilities: 40% teaching and consultations, 30% data curation efforts; 10% training, 10% research and professional development, 10% service.


  • In collaboration with Data & Visualization Services faculty and staff, provide instructional and consultative services for students, faculty, and staff in data visualization; data curation, management, and access; and data analysis software and methodologies;
  • Provide office hours in the Digital Scholars’ Lab to assist students working in the lab, answer patron questions, and refer questions to the relevant faculty or staff member, as needed;
  • In collaboration with Data & Visualization Services faculty and staff, particularly the Data Scientist, to provide data curation and data management services to researchers across disciplines;
  • Collaborate with the Digital Publishing Specialist on the data curation aspects of relevant digital publishing initiatives;
  • Work collaboratively with the GIS Librarian for Instruction & Engagement to refer relevant requests involving GIS data discovery and GIS-based research;
  • Update relevant workshop content, descriptions, events, and training resources on the Data & Visualization Services library website;
  • In collaboration with library partners, particularly Creative Studio, assist with efforts to showcase relevant student and faculty work;
  • Assist in efforts to track, analyze, and interpret assessment data to make recommendations to improve and/or update Data & Visualization Services faculty and staff consultations, events, and workshops;
  • Stay abreast of developments and trends in data services, data visualization, GIS, and data analysis, and effectively communicate their implications to library and campus stakeholders;
  • Assist with interdepartmental activities and strategic relationships with campus stakeholders that promote research data and open scholarship initiatives;
  • As part of a larger campus effort, participate in the development of research data management services and faculty research; and
  • In pursuit of UML and University strategic objectives, model the University’s “DIRECCT” values (diversity, integrity, responsibility, excellence, compassion, creativity, and teamwork).


  • Network, collaborate, and actively participate in local, regional, national, and international organizations focused on research data services, data curation, GIS services, digital storytelling, and data visualization;
  • Represent and promote the University of Miami Libraries in local, state-wide, regional, national, and international organizations as appropriate;
  • Serve on/participate in University organizations, committees, task forces, and teams as appropriate; and
  • Participate in and/or lead library-level committees, taskforces, and/or special projects.