Assessment and Analytics Manager

at University of Oregon (view profile)
Published February 23, 2023
Location Eugene, Oregon
Category Academic  
Job Type Full-time  
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Cover Letter Requirements Required
Minimum Compensation in Local Currency 62,500
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The Assessment and Analytics Manager is integral to analyzing the performance of UO Libraries and its progress in meeting its goals. This position develops and performs assessment using a variety of tools, manages databases and data dashboards, and collects, analyzes, and reports both quantitative and qualitative data pertaining to organizational effectiveness and user experience. The primary purpose of this position is to make reliable, accurate, and complete data available to the library’s administrators and other stakeholders to facilitate informed decision-making and ultimately improve research and student learning outcomes.

The Assessment and Analytics Manager provides leadership in the development and implementation of the Libraries’ assessment plan and in creating and maintaining a culture of assessment in the organization. This position works closely and collaboratively with Libraries Research Data Analyst and Data Librarians of the UO Libraries Data Services unit in order to follow best practices and implement effective methods of data gathering and assessment. Data collection and analysis are to be completed in a coordinated and meaningful way with emphasis on design, accuracy, evaluation, and analysis, and delivery of data through visual and/or narrative means (including data dashboards, slide presentations, and potentially written reports). Success will enable documentation of UO Libraries’ impact on the university and local/global community, and provide a broader perspective and insight into library services, goals, and performance.